Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tesco's Video For The 2010 World Cup

Tesco joined the World Cup mania by releasing this video of Frankie Lampard and Peter Shilton providing handy tips to young players at a Tesco FA Skills session. It is an excellent video and a showcase of Lampard's gift as a footballer. Watch it here and you will know what I mean.

Tesco became the official England sponsor for the duration of the 2010 World Cup. Tesco retail director David Potts outlined the military planning that the supermarket has put in place, from World Cup trading cards at every checkout, to additional staff at Tesco Express stores, in anticipation of fans dashing in for pizzas (including football-themed margaritas), beers and snacks ahead of the game, Clubcard promotions and a World Cup web portal.

He said the company expects to sell 8m packs of trading cards, 300,000 television sets and 800,000 England flags. "We will be past the election and the other side of the recession and people will be in a mood to party," he said. "We are a different business since the last World Cup, we sell a lot more general merchandise than we did, and we will take advantage of people wanting to buy things like new TVs. We also have twice as many Express stores."

Tesco will be going up against Asda, which will be selling official Fifa merchandise through a deal signed by its parent company Wal-Mart. They are promoting Match Attax trading cards with great prizes.

For latest news on the World Cup in South Africa, there is also a Tesco World Cup 2010 which potentially can be a great one-stop site for fans to track their favourite teams.

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