Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Closer Look At England's 2010 World Cup Jersey

By Olly Dyson, guest writer for The Flat Back Four

Most England fans will be happy to avoid replays of their uninspiring opening World Cup games, but at least one aspect of the ‘Three Lions’ team has been receiving a second glance: Their Team Uniform!

In a World Cup that predictably sees the majority of teams wearing uniform supplied by one of the big-three sportswear giants, England proudly stands by Umbro, the brand that has made their uniforms for their last 5 World Cup appearances.

Under the guidance of head designer David Blanch, Umbro developed the new England Home Jersey with a deliberate back-to-basics approach. The retro style jersey is a real tribute to days gone by when soccer existed in its purest form without the influence of big money commercialization.

The white home jersey looks nothing like the other jerseys on display at the FIFA World Cup. A classic polo design for the collar along with the redesigned England Three Lions emblem and Umbro logo ensure a pure, crisp look that has become especially unique. The reintroduction of cotton, for increased comfort has been combined with polyester for performance benefits.

For the launch of the Jersey, Umbro really emphasized the concept of tailoring. Each jersey the England players wear has been individually measured and cut to ensure the most precise fit for their individual body shape. The benefit is also passed onto the fans as they can select the size they need based on chest size rather than the usual ‘small’, ‘medium’ and ‘large’ estimates.

The away jersey also follows a pure, classic design; but this time without the collar. The red away shirt is always a fan favorite, after all it’s the color that England lifted the World Cup trophy in back in 1966. Although it didn’t do Robert Green any favors in the opening match against the USA, the goalkeeper jerseys follow the smart, sophisticated theme!

Aside from the jerseys it’s easy for fans to get hold of Umbro’s line of England jackets, tracksuits, warm-ups, socks and shorts. There’s no doubt the players will need the fans behind them 100 % if they’re finally going to get their World Cup campaign moving in the right direction. That’s why it’s still a great time to be an England fan, no team is without its faults and if England can overcome the slow start, there’s still hope they could go all the way!

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