Sunday, June 13, 2010

Group C Second Goalkeeping Error Hands Slovenia An Undeserved Win

If Rob Green's goalkeeping error was seen as terrible, then Faouzi Chaouchi's blunder could be incriminating evidence of a suspected bribe. Yes, it was that horrible. Chaouchi may have been unsighted by the defenders in front of him or perhaps the pace of the ball surprised him, but he made no attempt to save Robert Koren's shot at all.Group C now has the unwanted reputation for "keeper curse".

Slovenia and Algeria played each other for the first time in a World Cup match but did not provide any reason for us to want to hope for a rematch. This was the most boring match of the World Cup so far. The most exciting part of the match was to watch Zinedine Zidane climb into his stadium chair.

England and the USA must really look forward to their matches against these two teams. Algeria's Madjid Bougherra however, put on an extremely commanding display at central defence. Strong, powerful and deceptively quick, he is the man mountain that England will have to overcome if the Three Lions hope to progress.

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