Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Barcelona vs Manchester United Champions League Final Result: Minute-by-Minute Game Commentary

And finally the "Dream Final" that everyone wants is here. The team news have just come through from Rome, and I will be covering the game on a minute-by-minute commentary.Manchester United's usually formidable defence let them down today. Two defensive lapses and two goals by Barcelona. It is rare to see even Wayne Rooney looking jaded and tired after a long season. In the end, Barcelona were deserved champions and clearly the sucker punch first goal dramatically affected the minds of both sets of players.

For Barcelona, the first goal brought about a change in mindset and a flood of confidence which permeated through all the players. For Manchester United, that goal took away all the good work in the first ten minutes. The self-belief that they could overcome Barcelona faded away.

Excellent final. Romance still exists in football after all. A victory for fan power? Yes, I think so.


KYH said...

shud have started with TEvez... and i was doubtful that Ferdinand was really fit.... he seemed to have concentration lapses... vidic conceded the 1st goal ... ferd 2nd... sigh

MU needs FRANCK!

FanZine said...

United was rubbish, lacking in penetration. Fergie got the tactics wrong this time.

Jack Stevens said...

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