Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chilean Flair And Creativity Inspire Win Over Honduras

Marcelo Bielsa is a very good coach. Perhaps a touch overdramatic and maybe eccentric but he knows how to prepare a team for tournaments. Still, the 2002 World Cup disappointment with Argentina must still rankle in his mind and so he is determined to put things right this time round. The opening match has shown how progressive his Chile team can be and there is a growing sense that they could go far in this tournament.

The football by this young Chile side is exciting and free flowing, something you'd expect from Brazil or Spain or Holland. It was quick, incisive, intelligent movement and a wonderful sight to watch. Admittedly, it was only Honduras but you could feel the confidence flowing through the Chilean team. It was fun and enjoyable football.

Though La Roja only scored one goal (through a lucky deflection), they could have bagged more, such was the ease they carved open the Honduran defence. Chile should score more goals as they progressed through the group stages, winning their first match in 48 years will surely fuel their desire to stay longer in this year's World Cup.

This Chilean side has even got legendary Ivan Zamorano gushing with praise. This is what he said,

"We’ve got a great team – never better in my opinion – a great coach who has stamped his philosophy on the side, and the complete commitment of the players. You can see all that out on the pitch. They’ve been playing well and getting good results and I’ve never been more certain that we can have a great World Cup. Bielsa’s a true professional who strives for perfection and analyses every detail to achieve it. With him in charge we know Chile will be able to develop their own style in time."

An animated picture of La Roja's goal can be found in A great move which Jean Beausejour finished off to grab Chile's first ever win in over a century.

With Humberto Suazo possibly starting in the next game against Switzerland, one can expect even more cutting edge for Chile. A tougher Swiss defence awaits the red-hot Chileans but Bielsa's team have the creativity to score goals. With rising stars like Matias Fernandes, Alexis Sanchez, Mark Gonzalez and Mauricio Isla, expect to see more of Chile in this tournament.

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