Saturday, June 19, 2010

Great Links About The World Cup And The Nike T-3 CT

Here are some great links about the World Cup.

If you like Lego animation, you'd like the England USA Lego Highlights World Cup 2010

Steve Nash's adventures as CBS Sports correspondent in South Africa are worth spending time on.
Steve Nash shouts Gooooooool!
Steve Nash Special World Cup Correspondent

Cadencia: A special look at Brazillian football by award winning documentary maker, Daren Bartlett tries to capture the key moments of the World Cup through funny video animations.
England are the International Spurs

I needed a new pair of futsal shoes for my weekly football game and when I came across the T-3 CT product review, I knew it would be perfect on the artificial turf futsal courts that I usually play on.

The Nike T-1/3/5 line is all about freestyle play on indoor or artificial surfaces. And the T-3 CT shoe fits the mold. It’s an extremely snug shoe, made with a leather upper that forms to the shape of your foot over time. At first, the tightness of the shoe can lead to discomfort but given enough time the stiffness will break in. Like many other shoes the T-3 CT features asymmetrical lacing giving it just a bit more surface area to strike the ball. It also has a rubber outsole with short rubber studs for extra traction. Unfortunately, the shortness of the studs aren’t extremely affective on outdoor turf. But for most indoor surfaces, the comfortable fit of the T-3 CT allows for close control of the ball making it ideal for freestyle games.
Product Review by Casey Rolf. Casey plays soccer recreationally and always buys his soccer shoes from Most recently, Casey has purchased the newest Nike CTR360s.

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