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Soccer Moves and Soccer Skills from Top Soccer Players

Soccer or Football players train and perfect their art for many years. World class players typically have a trick or two that they have honed to perfection to bamboozle the opposing defenders. Here are some signature moves from some famous players.

Cristiano Ronaldo Stepover & Jump Cut

Cristiano Ronaldo is well known for his incredible speed and lightning fast feet. Two of his moves stand out though. Number one is the step over. Ronaldo uses both the step over and reverse step over to wrong foot his markers and blow right by opposing defenders.

For the step over, start by dribbling forward. Plant your right foot to the outside of the ball and swing your left leg around the front of the ball in a counterclockwise direction. Your foot will go from the right side of the ball to the outside (left) side of the ball. Plant your left foot and use the outside of your right foot to accelerate away from the defender.

His other signature move is the jump cut. Ronaldo typically uses this move while blasting down the line with a defender sprinting madly next to him. He then uses the back of his outside foot to flick the ball at a 90 degree angle to the inside while he jumps over it with his inside leg. This quick change of direction leaves defenders helpless to stay with him as he goes to goal.

Ronaldinho Elastico/Flip Flap

The elastico or "flip-flap" was invented by Brazilian soccer player Roberto Rivelino. It has been famous in recent years by Ronaldinho and Ibrahimovic. The move is made by pushing the ball sideways with your foot and then quickly planting the same foot ahead of the ball's path.The ball strikes the planted foot and goes the other way. This move will tie your defender in knots if you can pull it off.

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Now once you have mastered doing it quickly on the ground, try these variations:
  • Starts on the ground, but lift the ball as your perform the move.
  • Ball is flicked into the air in the second movement
  • Reversed - inside cut, then outside cut. With this version it is easier to get the ball in the air
  • Inside roll, then scooped up quickly diagonally forwards. This version is the easiest to pull off when running at speed

Zidane Turn/Marseille Roulette

The spin turn is a move that is designed to confuse your opponent by quickly switching the direction of the ball and player, without the ball handler having to move much.

Its inventor is said to be the late David Rocastle, an English football player who spent the majority of his career at Arsenal F.C. However, it is believed that the player who may well be most responsible for the popularization of the move is Diego Maradona.

It is sometimes referred to as the Zidane or the Zizou as he's been one of the most skilled players at pulling this off in the middle of games, at times linking several together.

The move begins with the player facing the ball, with the ball just a step away or less. The player launches off with his weaker foot, extends his stronger foot, steps lightly on the ball with the tips of his cleats and pulls the ball along the ground towards himself. The foot should remain in contact with the ball only for a brief moment. Once the ball is set in motion, the stronger foot continues in its original direction of motion and lands on the ground to provide support for the second part of the body spin.

The body spin actually begins at the same time as the foot drag back. The executing player throws his body forward and over the ball as it is being pulled back. Simultaneously he spins his body 90 degrees by turning to facing the side of his weaker foot.

The second part of the body spin commences as the ball approaches the player's weaker foot; the stronger foot touches the ground and the player uses it to continue pivoting his body. He spins until he faces the the direction of his stronger foot back in his original position.

If you are keen to learn or practice these soccer moves or soccer skills, you can read more over at the Ultimate Soccer Coaching website. It is a fantastic website offering how-to tips for soccer drills, soccer or football training and soccer skills building.

Tactical organisation also will make the difference between winning and losing. Therefore to prepare a squad of players who will understand their positions and tasks in the team can be critical to success. Testament to that is Fabio Capello's success in making sure that everyone in the England team know their positions and roles. No more "square pegs in round holes". Even better insights are listed in this guide to soccer positions.

As part of UEFA's effort to promote grassroots programme for players and coaches, the website has a tab called "Training Ground". Also a wonderful area where tactics, soccer moves and global superstars doing the football coaching videos.

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