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CONCACAF Gold Cup Quarterfinal #2: USA 2-1 Panama (aet) reported the match like this,
PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Worn down and undermanned, the United States found a way to rally. Now the Americans remain in position to win their third straight CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Kenny Cooper converted a penalty kick in the 105th minute, giving the two-time defending champions a 2-1 victory over Panama and a semifinal berth against Honduras, which beat Canada 1-0 in the opener of Saturday's doubleheader.

Kenny Cooper slots home the winning penalty - Image from Reuters's Zac Lee Rigg had the chance to rate the players on show.

United States
Troy Perkins 6
Hardly had anything to do.

Jay Heaps 5
Looked shaky at times, but luckily for the veteran, Barahona preferred to cut in centrally rather than take him on.

Jimmy Conrad 7
A powerful, stern display for nearly the first 45. One of his tackles saved a certain goal. On the stroke of half, the USA captain bludgeoned his own face into the head of a defender and went off with a gnarly concussion.

Chad Marshall 6
The powerful defender was essential to repelling Panama's long ball game that the team resorted to in the second half. It's nearly impossible to beat Marshall in the air, even when he hyper-extends his knee, as he did in this game.

Heath Pearce 6
Looked sharp going forward, he linked up well with others to press the issue in the second half.

Stuart Holden 6
Was involved in all three goals: Shanked a clearance to let Panama go ahead, stepped over the ball to let Beckerman score the equalizer, and fed Cooper for the winner.

Logan Pause 6
Another tidy, quiet performance from the Chicago Fire man. He doesn't make any game-altering mistakes, but neither does Pause impose himself on games to help ensure victory.

Kyle Beckerman 7
Gave his customary robust and active performance, and added his first international goal for good measure. His displays haven't warranted all the praise he's been given, but it's difficult to argue with the ferocity of the equalizer.

Robbie Rogers 5
Stunted down the left, Rogers never displayed his blazing pace or one-on-one ability. He did play the looping cross that led to the USA's first goal.

Brian Ching 6
Hit the post early on, and from then on out it was a physical, gritty performance as the Hawaiian threw himself around. Offered very little holdup play to help string U.S. attacks together.

Davy Arnaud 7
Had a quietly sharp game. His slick vision and movement helped un-gum the Panama defense early in the first half with a handful of positive plays.

Clarence Goodson 5
Immediately upon coming on, Goodson lost a header that led to the Panama goal. He settled down in the second half for a decent display.

Kenny Cooper 6
Won and scored the game-winning penalty, but wasted a series of chances he should have buried.

Brad Evans N/A

Jamie Penedo 6
Made a couple solid saves, including one top notch diving one, but conceded twice.

Luis Moreno 7
Largely contained the speedster Rogers with superior positional play and a tidy match at right back.

Felipe Baloy 8
A wall. Abused Ching all night long to suck any longevity out of the U.S. attacks. A towering presence, Baloy was unlucky to be on the losing side. Sent off after the match for arguing God-knows-what with the referee.

Roman Torres 5
Gave up the penalty with a silly and reckless challenge, undoing all of Panama's hard work up to that point.

Armando Gun 5
Misfired in the rare times he ventured forward, Gun largely stated back to try to deal with the U.S. attack.

Rolando Escobar 5
Largely quiet on the right flank. Provided solid service, but didn't enforce himself on the game enough.

Manuel Torres 5
Wasn't nearly as flashy as the bottom tip of his dyed hair, and he faded into the background of the midfield battle.

Gabriel Gomez 5
Anonymous aside from a silly pull-down of Pause.

Nelson Barahona 7
Dictated play in the early goings with a bright, energetic beginning. As the game wore on, the youngster faded, and his influence diminished along with his energy.

Jose Luis Garces 7
Showed excellent movement and linkup play to keep the Panama attack ticking over nicely. Garces seemed composed whenever he touched the ball, making positive things happen.

Blas Perez 7
The first 45 was a tale of blistering pace, unsettling directness, acrobatic agility that led to the opening goal, and a troubled defense. The second 45 was one of exhaustion and no impact.

Ricardo Phillips 6
Looked bright and direct upon coming in. He caused a few problems down the right flank for Pearce.

Victor Herrera N/A
Luis Tejada N/A

From Zac Lee Rigg,


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