Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Confederations Cup Final Rounds: The Statistics Review

What a ride! The South Africa Confederations Cup 2009 has been extremely entertaining. As the tournament progresses, it has played its part in providing the twists, cliffhangers and high dramas crucial to any cup tournament success.

As for the final rounds itself, we have had some great games from the semifinals right up to the final match itself.

In total, 44 goals were scored. 32 total assists meant that 73% of goals scored were end products of superb team plays rather than individual brilliance. Four red cards were issued, three of which were to the same team! 50 yellow cards were used to caution overzealous tackles.

The awards roll call look like this:

Golden Ball award (Player of the Tournament): Kaka
Golden Glove award: Tim Howard (USA)
Golden Boot award: Luis Fabiano
Fair Play award: Brazil

Kaka voted Player of the Tournament - Image from Reuters

Now for "The FB4 Confederations Cup alternative awards",
Pass Masters: Spain (2619 passes , 81.1% completion)
Fitness Freaks: South Africa (113.13km per game)
Best Cup exit excuse: Egypt (we were robbed by hookers!)
Top scorers: Brazil (14 goals)
Top attacking team: Brazil (22 shots per game)
Defensive doggedness: USA (71 defensive clearances)
Most wayward finisher: Teko Modise (14 shots wide out of 15 shots taken)
Defender of the Tournament: Lucio (60% Clearance completion rate)
Top Tackler: Sibonisa Gaxa (11 tackles made, 7 successful)
Dribblling King: Robinho (27 dribbles, losing possession only twice)

I think South Africa is ready for the World Cup 2010! Facilities looked great, fans were amazing, the vuvuzelas were real loud AND Brazil won...dare I say it, "typical World Cup fare".

Goodbye for now from South Africa!

This is compiled from statistics listed in FIFA.com.


陈桂生 said...

"In total, 44 goals were scored and oddly 44 goals were conceded. "

Total goals scored has to be equal to total goals conceded what....else real odd.

TheFlatBackFour said...

ha ha ha you are right...i must be thinking about something else....

Nyonyalina said...

I really love your insight, keep up the good job!

TheFlatBackFour said...

Thanks Nyonyalina...keep coming back!

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