Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brazil Sweats Over Kaka's Form!

It's been a hard season for Kaka at Real Madrid. So hard that there are murmurs that he has been a flop at Madrid and that he has been saving his best for Brazil in the coming World Cup. Kaka has never looked like the player who carried AC Milan on his shoulders season after season. Perhaps not being the focal point of the galacticos had taken the edge off Kaka's game. The persistent groin and thigh problems have blotted his Real Madrid career. Still he remains the best playmaker in the game and a player that undoubtedly rises to the occasion.

The form and fitness problems at Real Madrid have prompted Kaka to declare that he will be 100% in South Africa. This should allay Brazil's fears.
I'll be at 100% for the World Cup," Kaka told AS.
"I had a difficult season but there have been many cases of players who have had a bad year and then shine on the World Cup. I'm not worried at all."
Kaka was the most valuable player in the Confederations Cup last year, and that should be a reminder of the elegance and class from the "Athlete of Christ". assistmaster9 captures this succintly in this video (once you get past the dorky interview!).

2010 World Cup will be the stage for Kaka to repair his reputation as one of the top three best players in the world. The complete midfielder could be the star of the upcoming World Cup.

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