Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Invincible Bastion Of Anfield Awaits Chelsea

Chelsea faces Liverpool in a Sunday match that both teams must not lose. Chelsea have a tough task ahead of them at Anfield. Liverpool have not lost a Premier League match at Anfield since Arsenal beat the Reds in December 2009. That's 10 matches unbeaten, eight of which have been won in style by Liverpool.

Chelsea have a great record against any of the Big Four clubs, having won all five encounters.

They top the Big Four mini league this season with an extremely impressive defensive record.

Liverpool are currently two points behind fourth-placed Spurs, having played one game extra. A win against Chelsea could close the points gap, putting pressure on Spurs and Man City in that pursuit for fourth place. Both Spurs and Manchester City have tough games this weekend, followed by a meeting with each other. This weekend's matches and the midweek clash surely will decide who will ultimately end up fourth in the Premiership.

With nothing left to play for, Liverpool will be motivated by their heartbreaking Europa Cup semifinal loss to Atletico Madrid. The continued absence of Torres (evident in the two matches against Atletico) must surely  again render  Liverpool virtually toothless against the accomplished partnership of Terry and Alex.
Chelsea looked scarily fresh against Stoke City last weekend. Getting knocked out of the Champions League have helped Chelsea re-focus on the league and the extra rest have helped Chelsea for sure in their title race. The 7-0 demolition of Stoke proves Chelsea are ready to fight and have the experience to finish the season as champions.

But wait, do Liverpool fans really want the team to beat Chelsea? Chelsea winning at Anfield would be a small price to pay if it means keeping Manchester United from a 19th league title.

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Anonymous said...

Calling Anfield an "invincible bastion" after a 10 game unbeaten run is hilarious. How would you have described Stamford Bridge where Chelsea went 86 games unbeaten before losing to a lucky deflected Liverpool goal?

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