Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hyundai's World Cup Competition - What Would You Trade For...?!

Being the official World Cup partner, Hyundai is pulling out all stops with some great competition. This really sets the mood for football fans anticipating a carnival like atmosphere in South Africa. Particularly enticing is Hyundai's "What Would You Trade...?" competition for UK residents. It's enticing because it is possibly the only competition which offers tickets, accommodation AND flights to South Africa!

This is a video sample of what football fans in the UK would trade for essentially a all-expense paid trip to watch the greatest show on earth.

Seeing that most readers of my blog are UK-based, this is a great competition for you  if you want to soak in the World Cup atmosphere LIVE! So go on over to Hyundai's Facebook page, enter the competition and upload your video. It is as simple as that.

Win and YOU could be enjoying scenes like these at South Africa...

What would I trade? My antique CD collection of Rick Astley!

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