Sunday, May 23, 2010

Diego Milito - Man Of The Hour

Inter Milan simply had too much in their back pocket for Bayern to contain. Inter's superb performance in the Champions League final is down to three factors,

1. Too many Bayern players froze at the Santiago Bernabeu
Bayern fans would always be wondering what if Thomas Mueller had scored...what if Howard Webb had blown for a half way line foul before Milito's brilliant 2nd goal. But the fact remains that Schweinsteiger, Lahm, Demichelis and co succumbed to the pressures much like Manchester United the season before. Playing at the Bernabeu do have that effect on teams, La Liga teams regularly roll over for Real Madrid.

2. The Jose Mourinho factor
Jose's well known meticulous preparation before a game won it for Inter. His tactical plan won on the day. In true catenaccio fashion, Mourinho sets his team up to frustrate, to defend and then to counter attack at breathtaking speed. Every Inter attack could have resulted in goals, but Hans Jorg-Butt in the Bayern goal was exceptional. The apprentice has finally stepped out of the master's shadow. Already making history, he should be treading uncharted territory next season with Real Madrid, where the club demands both achievement AND style.

3. Milito's striking resemblance to Sylvester Stallone
Diego Milito is a dead ringer for the "Rocky" star. Just like Rocky, the Argentine striker knows how to deliver knockout blows...two in this case. I thought Milito had only two chances the whole game and he put both away clinically. Look out for more of him in the World Cup.

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football gifts said...

Jose Mourinho will be/is one of the best managers of all time, sit back and enjoy history in the making.

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