Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sore Losers Barcelona As Mourinho Shows His Tactical Genius

Jose Mourinho did it again. He has got Inter Milan into the Champions League final with the chance to win it against his old master, Louis Van Gaal. There are lots of similarities in the mannerisms and style of Van Gaal and Jose but I shall leave that to another post.

More importantly, Jose has once again proven that tactical organisation and a winning game plan can triumph over the most talented team. Mourinho is now in uncharted territory, becoming the first  manager to guide a star-studded Inter team into the Champions League final.

That's not to say that Inter Milan with Zanetti, Julio Cesar, Eto'o and Milito are a totally inferior team to Barcelona. However, this WAS Barcelona after all, the team that had garnered numerous titles under Guardiola and quite simply the best team on the planet.

And yet, this Barcelona side can turn into a cynical creature when they need to gain an advantage, as is illustrated here in pictures when Busquets' play-acting got Motta sent off.

Turning on the sprinklers at the Nou Camp while Inter players were celebrating also showed the unwillingness of Barca to accept defeat and allow Inter their moment of glory.

In the end, Inter Milan are finally in the Champions League final after five years of trying. Jose Mourinho will look to fulfill Massimo Moratti's ambition to win this much coveted "Cup with the long ears". The self-motivated desire of being one of four previous managers to have won the Champions League twice with two different clubs will surely spur Mourinho personally to do well.

However, by winning the Champions League, Jose Mourinho may feel that mission has been accomplished and his Italian adventure can therefore end. Could a return to the English Premiership be likely? or would La Liga and Real Madrid entice him more? The Premiership has definitely missed "The Special One" but I think Real Madrid and Mourinho is a marriage made in heaven - for next season.


Anonymous said...

Wake up and call it like it is. Motta deserved to go, maybe not for a straight red, but at least for a 2nd yellow.

The whole tie was fixed. The milito goal in the 1st leg was offside, Sneidjer's tackle on Alves from behind in the box should have been a penalty awarded to Barca, not a goal, but the chance to line up from the spot, yes. Last night Motta ripped apart Ibra's shirt, should have been called. Muntari held Alves in the box again no call.....but the ref did call a handball to prevent Barca from scoring the winning goal. Get a grip! As far the sprinklers go. The crew needed to get the field ready for the next game. I am not sure what Inter were celebrating...they still have the final to play.

The tie was a complete farce just like the 2002 World Cup games between Italy v S Korea, and Spain v S Korea.

Anonymous said...

That is the worst excuse for their show of poor sportsmanship. And your comments are the reason they are being called sore losers now- the sports media bows to their feet and they have the highest sense of entitlement that i've ever seen. They deserved to lose because they believed that they deserved to win just because they're "Barca."

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