Tuesday, December 8, 2009

West Ham Would Be 8th This Season If....

Yes, you read right, West Ham would be 8th in the Premier League if all matches played this season ended at halftime. Here is the how and the why:

So you see, West Ham United is sitting pretty at 8th position from the Premier League Half-time League. Safe from relegation, West Ham would have had five wins, five draws and five losses if matches ended at halftime. This fact suggests that Zola typically gives a rousing pre-match talk but could not rouse his players up for the last hurrah.

I have seen how West Ham come out in the second half looking like deers in fog lights. The Manchester United match was a clear example of a schizophrenic Hammers team. Looking quite solid in the first half with belief and enthusiasm and then the team turned into one that could not defend, lost possession quite frequently and very short of creative ideas in the second half.

So what do you think? What else can Zola and Clarke do to build up a simmering commitment and confident spirit Buy or loan a defender, midfielder and then stiker?

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