Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lingerie Football?? America's Idea of Entertainment!

Apologies to all readers who thought this was related to English football, well it is not. Still, I thought this was really a headcase story that I wanted to share.

The Belfast Telegraph reported that the popular American football finale, the Super Bowl will have a spin-off known as the Lingerie Football League! As the name suggests, it will be female footballers wearing lingerie running around the football field. Americans sure have a weird and warped concept of TV entertainment! Wait a mo, there is no difference between Lingerie Football from WWE Divas. True sports entertainment as loved by the Americans.

The league started in September 2009 and now have ten teams competing in it. Maybe in a couple of years, we could take this seriously but for now, it's one of those strange American pastime that makes no sense at all other than generate TV ratings. Imagine the possible wardrobe malfunctions!

Here is a video of the Lingerie Football League by stargate88 for you to draw your own conclusions. Hit or Miss?

Catch the Lingerie Football picture gallery from The Belfast Telegraph.

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football gifts said...

A big hit in my book!

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