Friday, December 25, 2009

Three Reasons To Be Optimistic About Liverpool's 2009/2010 Premiership Season

After the win against Wigan, Rafa Benitez declared that Liverpool's season will start then. However all that took place after Wigan was an embarassing defeat to Portsmouth. Embarassing because Liverpool hardly showed any attacking threat and were completely shackled by Pompey.

The poor showing by Liverpool has drawn much criticisms about the manager's handling of the club and questionable tactics. Also glaringly obvious were the lack of the fighting spirit demonstrated last season and the worryingly low confidence of the Liverpool players.

I fully believe that Liverpool will turn the corner and that corner starts at Wolves this Saturday. The rumblings within the club indicate signs of better things to come.

Thus, instead of highlighting deficiencies and reservations about Liverpool's season to date, I would prefer to focus on three reasons on why Reds fans can be optimistic in 2010.

1. Torres and Gerrard partnership resumes
It was reported that Rafa has held talks with the Liverpool captain about his performances and the meeting had the desired result. A more determined and influential Steven Gerrard is crucial for the improvement in Liverpool's fortunes. Another boost came in the form that Torres will not need operation on a hernia and this means that the T&G partnership is all set to resume. The Torres and Gerrard partnership guarantee goals and Liverpool are much better when these two play together.

2. Loss of Javier Mascherano means a return to an attacking lineup
Javier Mascherano's wild lunge into Tal Ben-Haim's knee resulted in the Argentinian damaging knee ligaments. With Masch out indefinitely, this paves the way for Alberto Aquilani to assert his push for a first team place. This immediately makes the Liverpool midfield more attacking in nature. Rafa will be hardpressed to maintain his favoured 4-2-3-1 formation without Mascherano and should opt instead for Aquilani. The Italian playmaker, with his passing ability, can provide the creativity and vision sorely lacking in the current Liverpool team.

3. Liverpool traditionally are stronger in the second half of a Premiership season
In the past four season from 2005-2008 Liverpool in the second half of the season have been remarkably strong, garnering 44 (2009), 39 (2008), 34 (2007) and 42 (2006) as compared to 42 (2009), 37 (2008), 34 (2007) and 40 (2006) in the first 19 matches. Though our points tally is slightly lower than in previous seasons (would be 30 from 19 matches if Liverpool beat Wolves), it is fair to say that Liverpool always gets going at the turn of the new year.

Rest assured, even if Liverpool do not achieve the revised target of fourth place, Rafa Benitez will resign. That's another reason to stay optimistic, perhaps Mourinho will be interested in returning to the Premiership as Liverpool manager.

Lastly, David Ngog's excellent form and goal scoring exploits has helped to put a shining light in an otherwise bleak season. Four goals this season and with a 29% shots to goals ratio percentage, he has shone in his limited role as understudy to Fernando Torres.

Okay, so there are five reasons to be optimistic instead of three. But the main thing is that it's still only halfway and there are 19 more matches to go. Fourth place is only eight points away! And there is still the Europa League trophy to be won!

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