Monday, April 13, 2009

There is only one true Ronaldo

Recently a soccer blog ran a poll on "Who is the greatest Ronaldo" and 48% of the votes said Cristiano Ronaldo. The comparison was between Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Cris Ronaldo. My first reaction when I saw this was to put my hands on my head and just going No, No, No.....due to this injustice, I will now compare the GGR (Game to Goals Ratio) and SGR (Shots to Goals Ratio) statistics of both Cris Ronaldo and Ronaldo to settle this debate. To avoid confusion, I will use CR7 to refer to Cristiano Ronaldo, leaving the true Ronaldo - Ronaldo (hint! hint!)
Okay here goes,

CR7's amazing career statistics over the last three seasons (2005-2008)
Games played (143) Goals scored (80) Assists (35) Shots on Goal (328)
this results in
Games to Goals Ratio is 1.8:1
Shots to Goals Ratio is 4:1
He also have Fouls Suffered (366) meaning that he is either a diver (which we already know) or he gets real rough treatment from the hatchet boys. I believe that CR7 goes down much too cheaply at the slightest contact.

Ronaldo's career statistics at Real Madrid (2002-2005)
Games played (135) Goals scored (92) Assists (0) Shots on Goal (246)
this results in
Games to Goals Ratio is 1.5:1
Shots to Goals Ratio is 2.7:1

Ronaldo edges out CR7 in the categories of Shots to Goals Ratio and Games to Goals Ratio.
He is far more efficient and economical in putting the ball in the back of the net when a chance comes along. Ronaldo is also the more effective player and a goal is virtually guaranteed when he steps onto the field. Hence, there should be no further doubt that clearly there is only one Ronaldo and that is Ronaldo Luiz Nazario de Lima. If you are still unconvinced, maybe this video will make it easier for you to accept this fact....


Anonymous said...

Firstly, Ronaldo (the best one, CR7) has been playing in the best league against very good defences, and has still scored 80 goals in those three seasons.

Secondly, he is a wide player, not a striker, so isn't going to score as many goals.

Thirdly, in the same time frame, the fat Ronaldo has played 60 games, and only scored 28 goals, 2.14:1 games to goals ratio - nowhere near as good.

Grow up, there is only one Ronaldo - and he isn't fat and Brazilian

FanZine said...

Fair comparison would always be when the two star players are at their peak. At the peak of their powers, Ronaldo the Brazilian was the best. After all, he was a World Cup winner. Even now, he is going great guns with Corinthians, scoring 8 goals in 9 games! Thats even better than ever.

Cb0T said...

@'Anonymous' poster above, go f**k yourself with your pathetic 'grow up' pretentious attitude.

Yes, CR7 is a great player with impressive statistics recently. Ronaldo's haven't been quite as impressive during that time period, unsurprising seeing as he's been much worse off healthwise than CR7. As FanZine says, you should compare each player when they're at their peak, not just recently. Both are ledgendary players but Brazilian Ronaldo is the better - there's a good many experts who think that had his career not been plagued by injury, he'd be widely regarded as the best in the history of the game, greater even than Pele.

Marco said...

The original Ronaldo is the best player of the last 20 years. You compared Ronie to CR7 but the problem is that you considered Ronie in Real Madrid. This was a great player, but "normal".
The best Ronie was in 1997-98 when he played in Inter. Also Ronie won the world Cup in 2002 (lost the final in 1998), what about Cr7? He lost the European cup against Greece...

Marco said...

By the way i'm not surprised. There are people thinking that Messi is better than Maradona. But they never saw Maradona, he is the football, he is god.

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