Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Footballers Against Hunger

Today we bloggers are to support the fight against world hunger. April 29th is when bloggers worldwide unite to shout for the end of world hunger and the start of hope.

I am also surprised by how socially-aware footballers are. I guess they have to be since they are public personalities as I had written in my previous article. And so as it turns out, Raul Gonzalez is an FAO ambassador and the Real Madrid official website reported this article on the 22nd March 2009.

Real Madrid and Almeria did their part in the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation's (FAO) Footballers Against Hunger campaign. Players from both sides wore shirts with the number 963 printed on them, alluding to the 963 million people that suffer from hunger throughout the world. Each team posed in front of a banner promoting the campaign.
Raul presented the campaign on Wednesday as Goodwill Ambassador for FAO. Fourteen European leagues will participate, hoping to raise money for huge projects -starting at 6,000 euros- whose aim is to fight hunger in the developing world. Every stadium of the Spanish First and Second Diviisions will participate. Every player will wear shirts like those worn today by Real Madrid and Almeria.

For me, the fight against world hunger all started in 1985 when Live Aid brought the plight of starvation to the general public. This video says it all really.

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