Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Celebrating Earth Day 2009

On April 22nd, the world celebrates Earth Day for the 39th time.

Seema Gupta wrote this poem to share with us,
If I was earth,
I would have taken care
To clean every bit of mine,
Have planted myself with
Grass and tree every where,
I wanted to be touched,
With cool breeze of air,
With the soothing smell of
Wet soil with long trees and bushes,
But alas!!!
I am not earth.....but still i take pledge,
That i will save the planet,
To make every as Earth Day.

There are numerous ways to contribute on Earth Day. Here are 5 ways that you and I can make a difference to the environment.
1. Recycle your used mobile phone batteries
2. Car pool to work
3. Take the public transport to work
4. Turn off lights when not in use
5. Take shorter showers

Let's do our bit to conserve our Earth's natural resources.

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