Monday, April 6, 2009

An Englishman with the Brazilian skills

I was thinking about the Maracana Stadium in Brazil and was wondering what the capacity was. That's when I was reminded of John Barnes' amazing goal at the same stadium so I thought I would share this here.

John 'Digger' Barnes was best remembered for this goal while playing for England. He was the classic case of awesome at club but anonymous at international level. Still, he was one of the few truly world-class wingers that England possessed alongside Chris Waddle. Also one of the most capped players for England.
Brilliant though he was as a player, he did not have the same success as a coach. Disliked at Celtic and was hardly given a chance to excel as a coach, although he had a respectable win percentage of 65.5%.
Barnesy now coaches the Jamaican national team. Going back to his roots if you like, where he enjoys hero status during his player exploits. He guided Jamaica to the 2008 Caribbean Cup win - his first achievement as a manager.

At his pomp, he was described as good enough to play in the Brazilian national team and from the video, he clearly walked right through the Brazil defence.

My interest in stadium capacity will have to wait a while longer....


mech said...

Heard of this guy legend but because of my age never have a chance to see him in a live match except hightlight. You may want to write a short review on Zola. I think he is the best foreign import in EPL.

FanZine said...

sure, thanks for the suggestion...will do Zola as a manager soon as I dug up enough research on him.

Anonymous said...

A true Liverpool legend.

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