Thursday, September 1, 2011

Raul Meireles Blameless For Leaving Liverpool

Well, it's hard to refuse when a team like Chelsea comes knocking at your door. Even harder when possibly the best Portuguese coach in the business wants you. Extremely irresistible when Chelsea can offer you first team playing minutes and Champions League football. Thus, Raul Meireles weighed up his options and decided to join the Andre Villa-Boas Chelsea evolution.

While watching the Chelsea-Norwich match, I had argued that Chelsea needed a playmaking midfielder. Little did I know that Chelsea was tracking Liverpool's 2011 PFA Fans Footballer of The Year. To be fair, Meireles is the second best option after Modric. His energy and intelligent footballing skills will be perfect for the Blues once he is fully fit from injury. Fernando Torres must really be licking his chops now knowing that he will soon have the service he craved to become a Blues legend.

Raul Meireles was the midfielder that I felt Liverpool must not lose. Of all the midfield additions that the Reds have made, Meireles offered something different in both ends of the pitch. Lucas and Spearing does the defensive duties well. Adam, Maxi and Downing are great as attacking midfielders. Meireles is the only complete midfielder that Liverpool have and his loss will be felt. The hope is that Jordan Henderson can eventually flourish into the Meireles mould.

With Obi Mikel on Nigeria duty next year, Meireles will play an important role in ensuring Chelsea continue to challenge for the Premiership title this season. As a Liverpool fan, I hate to see him go but the Reds' loss is definitely the Blues' gain.


Anonymous said...

Quote "Raul Meireles is the only complete midfielder that Liverpool have".

Have you never heard of a certain player called Steven Gerrard?! Meireles is good, but he couldn't lace Stevie G's boots

Anonymous said...

And by bottling out of the tackle in and around the box, he cost the Reds goals on numerous occasions.

Anonymous said...

Stevie G cant lace Stevie G,s boots.

Anonymous said...

Meireles left coz he won't get in the side... Typical Chelsea panic buy!

Anonymous said...

If Rual will be "perfect" for Chelsea how can he be the "second best option after Modric"?
I wanted Raul to stay and I think he'll be missed, but he wanted to go and that is enough to send him to join the lying Judas. Still at 29 he will bring Chelsea's average age down a bit!

Anonymous said...

Raul, as with Aquilani were the only 2 players in pre season who made the res to fht liverpool midfield pedestrian. So called Liverpool fans now slagging him off are a disgrace. He wasn't in Kenny's plans and he obviously knew that. Henderson, Adam, Downing, Spearing, Shelvey, none of these guys are fit to lace Meireles' boots. As for Stevie G... guys, hes in the autumn of his career, he hasnt played for most of the year, if we still have to rely on him after spending 100 million quid, then Kenny needs to leave the club. Stop going on about Gerard.. we want to move the club forward.!!!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean stop going on about Gerrard - Are you a Liverpool supporter and know that that man is our captain and one of the best players in the world.

Gutted Raul has left us but we don't want players who don't want to be part of our squad. It was his decision to leave Liverpool!

Anonymous said...

AVB wanted meireles so much he sold him asap when he became porto boss.

Chelsea have given liverpool £65 million quid for two misfits in the last six months.

The dippers have tucked the chavs up once again.

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