Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Carlos Tevez Definitely A Premier League Success

Since the loss of Cristiano Ronaldo to the Spanish La Liga, the Premier League was searching for a new world class player who could be as brilliant as the phenomenal Portuguese. Fernando Torres threatened briefly until he started sulking more than scoring, Didier Drogba could never be that star face as he is all brute force but Carlos Tevez could have been that world class marquee player that the Barclays Premier League needed.

Instead for all the important goals he had scored for West Ham, Manchester United and City, he will forever be remembered for refusing to play in last night's Champions League defeat at Bayern Munich. Carlitos' two-year stay at Manchester City has been an ongoing saga. This latest episode has all but hasten his exit.

It's easy to forget the talismanic effects of Carlitos for City, after all the well documented problems he had faced. For West Ham fans though, this man can do no wrong, forever remembered for singlehandedly keeping the Hammers in the Premier League in his first season. No other player is more closely associated to conjuring up a miracle relegation escape as the effervescent Argentine star. Here's how he did it.

Will we see the end of the mercurial Carlos Tevez after this episode? If so, the Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League winner will leave with his head held high, proud of his achievements in the Premier League.

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de engineur said...

he is no doubt a great player.

what he did in Munich is totally unprofessional contrary to his claim afterward that "he is a professional who give his all when on the pitch'.

When you are a professional hired by an employer and asked to do your job, it's either you obey your boss or opt to quit.

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