Monday, August 29, 2011

Come Back To Liverpool, Torres!

Come Back To Liverpool, Fernando!

As I watched Chelsea toiled to a late victory over Norwich City, I just felt sorry for El Nino. Finally looking sharp in pre-season, this was THE season that Torres resumes his Premiership goalscoring feats in Chelsea blue.

Three games on and yet no goals from the World Cup winning Spaniard. And I feel a sense of frustration building up inside me, as I saw the inability of Lampard, Mikel, Malouda and Anelka to exploit Torres' undoubted talents. The old Chelsea boys are not creating chances for the ex-Reds legend or could it be that they do not fancy him at The Bridge? Time and again, the Blues midfield do not look to pass to Torres and the Spaniard look like a lonely soul on the pitch.

Torres, with his pace, likes the ball played in front of him and somehow, Chelsea do not have the midfielders who could or want to provide these passes. Which is why Nando was instrumental in convincing Juan Mata to sign for Chelsea. The star of the Euro-21 tournament, Mata has the intelligence and passing ability to get Torres firing again.

Andre Villa-Boas inherited an aging squad and in the first three games, that lack of pace, energy and creativity are clearly evident. Chelsea struggled against Stoke whom they brushed aside 7-0 two seasons ago, the Blues needed a late winner to beat West Brom and only a John Ruddy sending off allowed them to sneak a win they hardly deserved. Chelsea distinctly lack a creative playmaker, hence the heavy interest in Modric and Moutinho. Perhaps a cheeky bid for Mikel Arteta whom Arsenal is rumoured to be courting, could take place as Spurs and Porto play hard ball.

Chelsea are rebuilding, that's a fact. Signing Lukaku and Mata underlined the Blues' intent to herald a new younger generation of success. The aging Terry-Lampard-Drogba needs replacing and the final piece for Villa-Boas is a world-class playmaker.

Torres could well go on to be a Chelsea legend, but for now, Nando, if you are unhappy and want to come home, I welcome you back in Liverpool red.


Anonymous said...

Don't be so ridiculous ! Torres is a spent force as a striker. His head isn't right and he will undoubtedly break down again with his old injury. Thanks for the £50m tho.

Anonymous said...

Don't act like you can predict the future (Comment from August 29,2011 6:40pm) Torres is a world-class player and his performance so far shows he's desire to return back to his old self being the best striker in the world, Torres will hopefully begin to score goals week after week, this is just the beginning for him. Lampard has the ability to do similar passes as Gerrard did but unfortunetly Lampard's age has affected his desire to give 100% in every game, Juan Mata is the only solution for now. am a Chelsea supporter and i love seeing Torres in blue, however i wouldn't mind him playing for Liverpool because i want the best for a player like him.

Anonymous said...

he will never be worth more than the £50M chelsea paid.

Anonymous said...

one month into the new season and Martin Skrtel has outscored chelsea's £50m 'final piece of the champions league jigsaw.' trust me, torres is a red and will return to liverpool next season for less than £15m where he will complete our premier league winning squad.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what your saying, last season an this season Iv watched Torres come to get the ball but yet no one will pass to him! It's like they don't want him to succeed! With such a big fee on his head no wonder everyone's on his back, wanting goals & assists! I want him to score just so we can see the real Torres, but that ain't going to happen if no one passes the ball to him!! Let's hope the arrival of Mata brings out the best of him. Up the Chels

jake sands said...

I totally agree chelsea will never get their moneys worth outta torres, all the chelsea surporters need to stop makin excuses for him! He's made almost 20-25 (?) Apperances and we have seen 2 league goals, ridicoulus! Don't make up that bull that the other chelsea players don't want him to succeed! Idk of u were watchin baseball or somethin but u surely weren't watchin the same game I was plenty of chances were created for torres! bottom line: he can't finish!!! Anyway liverpool won't want that trash back their doin juust fine witout him!

Anonymous said...

i would have him because i think kenny could make him in to what he once was and better. i also this that everyone deserves a second chance and i think he has screwed up big time and thats why he has been saying i miss my liverpool friends and all that.

Anonymous said...

This is a certain. Torres would definitely be welcome back. Keane went back to Spurs, it's not unheard of... Michael Owen went to Utd! I wouldn't be surprised if Torres came back.
We really could do with him back at Anfield. You have my support Torry! Any fans that disagree probably aren't the sharpest tools ;)

Anonymous said...

i would personally like to see him back, kenny made him play well when he came in charge and i think he could def do it again, torres your a red, an dont suit blue, grow some balls make ya feelings known an come home to run riot in the league with suarez, then we can bin carroll the useless for good

Anonymous said...

come back Torres, all is 4given. everyone makes mistakes and if he wants Back i wuldnt mind, chelsea play dont suit him, he wuldnt do any worse than carroll.

Melody Stringer said...

my Favorite Striker..

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