Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rory Delap: From Midfield Dynamo To Awesome Throw-In Specialist

Rory John Delap first came into Premiership prominence after a big-money move from Derby County to Southampton. He was seen at that time as an uncompromising midfielder who couples impressive forward runs with strong tackling and excellent passing. That's what I remembered him as, a fantastic athlete who was never flashy but very effective. He could even chip in with some spectacular goals from time to time. But mostly, he was a midfield dynamo and battler.

That image of the former Republic of Ireland international stayed with me while he was at Derby, then Southampton and later on Sunderland.

Picture from stanleymoss gallery
Ever since Stoke re-emerged as a Premier League team in 2008/2009, he has become an integral part of the team. No longer as the midfield driving force but more as a throw-in specialist. A throw-in that has become so lethal and potent a weapon that, two seasons on, opposition defenders are still finding it difficult to defend.

The "Rory Delap Special" as they call it, delivered by Rory Delap with a flat trajectory, pace and accuracy continues to dazzle in the Barclays Premier League. Rory's background as a former schoolboy champion javelin thrower really helped him in becoming the "Earl of Hurl" of Premiership football.

His throw-ins have been his major source of assists, over 14 assists from long throws since August 2008 is phenomenal. However, to talk about Rory Delap's football career solely on the basis of his incredible throw-in ability would be a grave misgiving to the Stoke City cult hero.

Rory Delap has played close to 400 Premiership games in a career which have spanned 10 years. In that time, he has evolved into one of the most versatile football players in the English league. He is the type of player who will do a job for the manager in whatever position asked, be it central midfield, right or left midfield, rightback or leftback and even in central defence!

Rory Delap is surely not a one-trick pony as some might suggest...he is a well-regarded Premiership footballer. And he has scored some cracking goals, one of which was against Spurs - a spectacular overhead kick. genuis captured this goal on video.

An unfashionable player definitely but no less important to any coach or manager. Just ask any Potters fan.

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Anonymous said...

Its like the girl at the gym who wants you to know that she is more than just her DD breasts but does nothing but wear low cut shirts and bends over 4 times a minute.

She might be a Mensa candidate but people will always see those puppies as the embodiment of who he is.

Rory Delap is overshadowed by his throwins popularity just like some actors are overshadowed by their character even after theyve stopped playing the Doctor.

Btw, I hate the circus flip throw ins. If youre gonna do the distance thing, you do it like Rory.

And since were talking about Delap, why didnt Stoke pull the trigger on the Zigic transfer last year?
Delap and a 6ft9 player with talent?

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