Thursday, November 12, 2009

Top Influential Sports Journalists and Bloggers on Twitter

These guys are recently been listed as most influential journalists and bloggers for football news. Tweet-ing has its benefits! I share the following article from puntersrealm.

Since Twitter recently released a list function, we thought it was time to share our list of who we follow as the most influential (mostly European) sports journalists and bloggers in world sport. These journalists cover mostly European sports, like football (soccer), and cricket, but you can find other journalists and bloggers who are important for their own reasons.

Most of these journalists have a great influence on today’s sports media, but some of them are up-and-coming. Some of those up-and-coming writers may seem to only have spent five minutes on their twitter accounts, but we are a part of a huge list of followers, just waiting for them to speak. It will be exciting to follow them in the future, you can bet on that.


Phil McNulty - BBC Sport's chief football writer

Phil McNulty is BBC Sport’s chief football writer. He covers the hottest debates and news in the world of football, of course with the focus on the English teams. Phil often twitters live from the big games, like the Champions league, and you can usually find the latest news on his twitter.


Howard Bloom -

Howard Bloom covers a mix of sports, business news and marketing news on his twitter. If you are interested in the business behind sports, you must follow this man, because he knows what he is talking about.


Brooks runs

Brooks has a website called, where a host of writers post sports news and commentates on sports, in a way you will not find elsewhere. It is one of the biggest independently owned sports blog online. Brooks twitters about everything in the world of US sports.


Barry Glendenning – Editor on the Guardian Unlimited website

Barry Glendenning twitters mostly about English football and mix it up with some other thoughts. Sometimes about his own bets, sometimes about completely different topics like tramps on a bench.


James Richardson – Former presenter of Channel 4’s Football Italia

With only 3 tweets and over 1300 followers we really look forward to when this guy starts twittering.


Sean Ingle – Sports editor of

Sean Ingle doesn´t only knows football he seems to be a betting expert as well! How about laying Barca at 1.5 against Rubin. Then backing them at 2.5 at Befair for a nice profit, and twittering about it , that´s how we want Twitter to be used!


ollie irish - Editor at

This guys tweets are very entertaining, but he has very deep knowledge in the world of football. Just like his site, that is a mix of serious football news and other not so serious topics…


Ernest Legrand -

This guy loves football and loves to write about it. He twitters about the news and rumours in international football, if you follow his tweets, you will not miss much of importance.


Ben Hibbs - Man Utd blogger

Ben Hibbs follows Manchester United closer than anyone else. If Rooney had eggs for breakfast, Ben knows all about it. Maybe not so fun if you don´t like Man U, but for us who are into sports betting he is a must on our list. Just waiting for the day when he tells us that all players have a big hung over before a game…


Red Rants -

Red Ranter is something as unusual as a US based Man U blogger. He is replying a lot and twitters about not only about Man U but of course that is the dominating subject.


Fredorrarci -

Fredorraci is an Irish blogger who follows Irish football as well as international football. He also comes up with some brilliant tweets about other sports, so we have to follow this guy.


Tom Dunmore - Editor of Pitch Invasion

Tom Dunmore is based in Chicago and covers the global football. We don’t understand how he can keep himself so well informed about European football, but he does. Also taking his time to replying his followers, we think this is man for our list.


Brian Phillips –

Brian Phillips runs the brilliant football website We think this is an upcoming profile on twitter, just give him some time, and he will get his well deserved share of followers.


Adam Bader blogger at

If you don´t read Spanish, and we don´t, Adam Bader is the one to follow for news about Real Madrid. He knows all about who will play, who is injured and everything else you want to know about Real.


Kevin Coleman – editor at

Kevin is part of the Backpage team and only 17 years old but writes about football like he was 47. A big Liverpool fan but he and his co-editor twitters about everything that they find interesting in English football.


Brooks Peck and Carter Daly - Editors -

Dirty Tackle is a website about football, culture and nonsense. We really like the discussions on Dirtytackles twitter. They don´t use twitter for a boring one way communication, like so many others.


Caughtoffside – football website

Caughtoffside is a football website with news videos and a lot of information. Covering both English and international football and twittering about new and gossip in the world of football, we have to follow them.


Chris Toy - Comic Strip Football News

Chris Toy is a cartoon, but this cartoon seems to know more about football than most bloggers. Of course we have to follow this cartoon who follows English football and more for us.

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