Thursday, November 19, 2009

South Africa World Cup 2010: The Final 32 Teams

After some dramatic final round and playoff matches, the footballing nations which will grace the stadiums in South Africa are now complete. France, though should be feeling very sheepish as they cheated their way into South Africa.

No one would've expected Thierry Henry to do a "mini-Maradona" but unfortunately, footballers will always try to gain an advantage whether legally or illegally. The referee and linesman however should have spotted the handball and disallowed the goal. So the officials bear the brunt of the fault here. In such cases, video evidence would be useful and should be allowed.

As fans, I look forward to a fair and competitive match won through a flash of footballing brilliance rather than a classless cheat.

Anyway, the list of 32 teams are complete. The final 32 national teams who will take part in next summer's 2010 World Cup Finals in South Africa are:
1. South Africa
2. Italy
3. Brazil
4. Paraguay
5. Chile
6. Argentina
7. Uruguay
8. Denmark
9. England
10. Germany
11. Netherlands
12. Serbia
13. Spain
14. Slovakia
15. Switzerland
16. Greece
17. Slovenia
18. Portugal
19. France
20. Mexico
21. United States
22. Honduras
23. Ghana
24. Ivory Coast
25. Nigeria
26. Cameroon
27. Algeria
28. Australia
29. Japan
30. South Korea
31. North Korea
32. New Zealand

Start making those vuvuzelas!

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