Sunday, November 8, 2009 And Man On Platform 13

I came across a site last week which captured my attention. It's a site not dissimilar to most news aggregator websites like Footballblips, NewsNow and Soccerblogs. However, the nicest thing about is that the football news from blogs and/or broadsheets are segregated by teams. So one can read every news available on his/her team at

This is what's founder, Phil McThomas had in mind when he built the site:
The goal of the site is to improve the experience of reading football news. When my team has won a big game, I want to drink in all the reaction from lots of different sites. On other occasions, I just want to read the headlines and maybe dip into one or two stories. I also want to keep tabs on what blogs are saying about my team - even sites I don't know about. I couldn't find a good way to get what I wanted - so I decided to build it.
These were some of the great stuff I saw on the site.
Fergie: You Don’t Leave Manchester United
Tom Hicks: Star players will not be sold even if Liverpool FC don't make Champions League
Fraizer Campbell: Steve Bruce is a great manager

So don't just take my word for it, go experience!

If you are looking for a more offbeat football blog, Stefan Coutts from Man On Platform 13 gives a very refreshing outlook on football. Predominantly focussed on Scottish football with a touch of Premiership, it covers major news items as well as surprises readers with exclusive interviews. If you'd like to find out what Tony Meola thinks about David Beckham and US Soccer, then read it here.

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Stephen Coutts said...

Allrighty sir!

Thank you for the plug, it is much appreciated.

TFB4 has been added as a recommendation on our world football site :)

Best regards,

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