Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Maradona Rant: Signs of An Impending Nervous Breakdown

On the most emotional night in Argentinian football history, Diego Maradona celebrated Argentina's direct qualification for South Africa World Cup Finals 2010 with a sexually provocative and profanity loaded outburst towards media critics and doubters alike.

This is what Maradona let fly during that now-famous TV interview,

“To those who did not believe in us, and I apologise in advance to the ladies present, they can go and suck my c*** and they can keep sucking it,” he said.

He added, motioning to the journalists: “You people take it up the a***. You treated me like dirt, but now you have to accept that we are going to the World Cup.”

Maradona was even more ambiguous: “I am sorry to those I offended and I am sorry to the women, including my mother, who heard that language, but those who spoke out against us are anti-Argentine and I’m not going to forgive them. My words were directed at them and I don’t have to apologise to them.”

If that was the end of it, it wouldn't be the Maradona we know, would it? Hence, this video merely adds more legitimacy to public opinion that the once footballing genius is definitely mentally unstable and should not be allowed to continue as coach of the two-time World Cup champions.

For me, Diego Armando Maradona the manager is just a disastrous gamble and the players are basically suffering from "circus" that surrounds Maradona. Perhaps the time is now right for Argentina to have a top-class foreign coach who could bring back some organization and sanity back to the team. Out of respect for Maradona (and his fragile self-esteem), he should still travel with the squad to South Africa as a father figure and source of inspiration for the side.

Which reminds me of another famous personality who broke down in the heat of battle and was never the same again. Once an up-and-coming English manager, his infamous "Love it" rant and intense title tussles with Sir Alex Ferguson left Kevin Keegan psychologically and emotionally scarred. Keegan's managerial career will only be remembered for his times at Newcastle United.

Diego Maradona's tenure as Argentina coach must come to an end, either willingly or forcefully. If only to preserve his status as a hero in the eyes of Argentina. Hardly a person with emotions in check, his tirade is a sign of an impending nervous breakdown.

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