Monday, October 5, 2009

French Boss Raymond Domenech Has Admirers Beyond Football

Beleaguered French boss, Raymond Domenech is questioned widely in the French football circles for his tactics and abilities to guide France to the World Cup Finals in 2010. France is struggling to reach the Finals and may have to go through the ordeal of a play-off to get to South Africa.

Though vilified by fans and players, one person remain an ardent admirer of the French national team manager. Her name is Catherine Ringer and she has immortalised Domenech by penning a song about him in French called, Je Kiffe Raymond (I Fancy Raymond). This song currently is the hit song of the season in France and has been downloaded from the web 200,000+ times.

Raymond Domenech can thank Ringer for raising his profile during a time where his reputation is taking a severe battering. I wonder what his players think about this. Could this also be France's World Cup song assuming that they qualify?

Just for laughs, here is the lyrics in English to the song.

Je Kiffe Raymond (I Fancy Raymond)
Go on Raymond, you’re handsome, you’re good
And I imagine just one golden match and then everyone would adore you
And if he attacked my penalty areas I would be without defenders
A transfer, a good pass and long live our colours
Yeah, you’re good, you’re classy

If you are interested to listen to the song, you can download it HERE.

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