Thursday, March 19, 2009

Which is the Best League in Europe?

A lot of football pundits and experts continue to bellow that the English Premier League is de facto the best football league in the world. I am not too sure about that. Of course, from a pure sports entertainment aspect, it is the most exciting league to watch. In Asia, we get fed loads of TV coverage from the Spanish, German and Italian leagues. So my opinion is that the accolade of best league in Europe should go to the Spanish league simply because the technical skill and artistry of the beautiful game are best expressed by the players in that league.

To verify this hypothesis, I decided to utilise Yahoo! Fantasy Football player statistics, applied a certain lineup for the different leagues and collated the best performers. From there, the total points rating should tell us which league is the best.

This came out...

Based on this information, I was dead wrong!! For all the flair and technique in the La Liga, the EPL IS, quantitative-speaking, the best league in Europe.....the pundits were right after all, hmmm I gotta start taking them seriously from now on.

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