Monday, March 19, 2012

Greedy Sturridge Can Learn From Selfless Torres

Make no mistake about Daniel Sturridge's value to Chelsea, his contributions have been exceptional for the Blues. His goals have somewhat dried up, but he is still a first choice player in the eyes of Robbie Di Matteo. RDM has taken his chance at the helm of Chelsea and now rides the wave of three consecutive victories. Ironically he has reverted to Chelsea's old guards to get the job done.

And so it was a surprise that the Italian decided to gamble on the "new" Chelsea, playing Meireles and Torres against Leicester in the FA Cup quarterfinals. The players he picked have yet to let RDM down, and Chelsea strolled to a victory that they deserved.

Though the standout performance came from Fernando Torres, Daniel Sturridge's singlemindedness to get goals lend itself to a general perception that he is constantly hunting for personal glory. His agenda is to gratify himself rather than doing what's necessary for the good of the team.

Young strikers typically have this trait. It's all about goals and the excitement that scoring brings to them. As they mature, strikers become more rounded. In his early years, Michael Owen was a greedy goal poacher, he went on to refine his game in later years, becoming a more complete attacker in the final third.

Ever willing to run with the ball, Sturridge tried too hard on his own to break down the Leicester defence. Nothing epitomises his eagerness to score than when he weaved his way to the Leicester byline only to shoot disappointingly into the outer net. Torres got into scoring position, waiting for the cutback which never came. The sounding that Sturridge got from Nando will have done him good. Having awareness of the players around him and then making the right decisions (to pass or to shoot) will transform Sturridge from a top Premier League player to a world class striker.

Sturridge can lift his game further by studying the manner Torres has sacrificed personal glory for the better of the team. Torres' selflessness reaches its zenith in the game when he burst past two Leicester defenders to roll the ball for the onrushing Meireles to score. El Nino could easily opt to shoot for the hattrick and Chelsea fans would not have complained.

Wayne Rooney and Robin Van Persie scores goals and creates goals in equal measures. With the skills and talent that he possesses, Daniel Sturridge is capable of the same. However, he needs to continually expand his all-round game and emulating what Fernando Torres now brings to the Chelsea team is a step in the right direction.


Dawleylad said...

Everyone watching knows, all of the players know, that when Sturridge gets the ball he has blinkers on and cannot see any otehr players around him. What happens next is that he keeps his head down and and has a go at goal.

The proglem with this is that his team mates are unsure how to react, do they stick or twist.

It is good to see a player have a crack, though moe often than not someone else is in a better position and Danny has to see them.


Anonymous said...

he is becoming rather annoying, remember also that defensively he is a liability therefore he has to make count on his attack play to warrant his inclusion,otherwise bench him and play Nando on right,at least he works hard and is selfless

Pay per head bookmaking said...

We know that he needs to work a lot. But at least he has someone to follow like Torres and I hope that he can become that player that the team needs.

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