Friday, December 2, 2011

Swansealona's Urgent Search For Prolific Striker

Leroy Lita had the chance to cover himself with glory against Villa last week. After superbly turning the Villa defender, he dragged his shot just wide of the post. That sums up Swansea's problem in their first Premiership season. This lack of a cutting edge may eventually drag the Swans back into a relegation dogfight.

Against Blackburn, Swansea must sought to make their customary lions' share of possession count. This is the sort of game that City must try and score a handful to improve their poor goal difference. Blackburn has the second worst defence in the Premiership and Lita will get another chance to bury a few this time round.

Swansea has impressed everyone in the Premiership with their slick passing and ability to control a match. Their finishing must get better and it's time for Brendan Rogers to delve into the transfer market to find a prolific goalscorer. The Welsh side have failed to score in seven of their 13 matches, underlining their need for a genuine striker of Premiership class.

I suggest Rogers to try the following approaches,
  1. Go back to his old club, Chelsea and ask Nicolas Anelka to join him on a loan.
  2. Try and convince Dimitar Berbatov that his future is better served playing football rather than sitting on the United bench.
  3. Raid troubled Blackburn and entice upcoming Scottish star, David Goodwillie to join.
Option 1 and 2 could work, but will be costly for a club the size of Swansea, though it could be worth the risk as staying in the Premiership brings multiple financial benefits. A bit short-termism in my opinion and yet fully necessary to ensure the Swans do not slip out from top-flight football.

Option 3 is a signal of the intent that Rogers is serious about building the quality of the squad and making sure that it is a progressive squad geared for a long stay in the Premiership. David Goodwillie have not had too much playing time at Blackburn and with Rovers struggling, Steve Kean had preferred The Yak upfront. Goodie is a talent that needs nurturing and Brendan Rogers could be the man to get the best out of Scotland's best young player.

Swansea are looking to heap more misery on Blackburn this weekend and if they manage to prise Goodie from Ewood Park this January, the Swans will be on their way to Premiership survival.


Dean Morris said...

What an awful article. If you had any knowledge of the Swans, you would know that even 'option 3' would be simply out of the question. The Swans budget is less than many Championship sides. And Danny Graham, who has been outstanding this season doesn't even get a mention! Yes, they are struggling for goals, but as they are not conceding many I don't think spending beyond their means and breaking the wage structure is the answer on or off the pitch.

Anonymous said...

Can we have someone who has watched football to right these articles please?

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