Monday, January 10, 2011

Liverpool FC Finally Look Like Liverpool Again!

Wow, even after a frustrating game against Manchester United and Berbatov proving that he is as opportunistic as strikers come, nothing brought me more pleasure than seeing Kenny Dalglish back in the dug-out once more. After some 20 years, it is a surreal experience even if it was on television.

Though Liverpool could do nothing but damage limitation after Gerrard's red card, at least I and all other Liverpool fans need not have to endure yet more media-friendly dribble from Roy Hodgson! For that, I am extremely thankful for Hodgson's departure.

Already battle cries have been issued by King Kenny...the three key ones were...

Boldly defending his players
The penalty is a joke. I have seen the replay and unless they have changed the rules, it is no penalty
The other one, I cannot see that as a red card either. In the dressing-room before the game, someone said to me the game's not changed that much. I said, "I thought it was a non-contact sport." Maybe I was right.
“When you go down to 10 men, lose a goal in the first minute, I think we showed fantastic courage, fantastic commitment and I think they did that in conjunction with the fantastic support they had here,”
Building up Torres' shattered confidence
“Fernando Torres has got a magic wand. We have great aims to build on and it is up to us to get him going,
“He wants to do it, you can see he wants to do it, and we'll get him going sooner rather than later
Declaring to make Liverpool great again
“As great as the effort and commitment was against United, the football club isn’t in the habit of losing games.”
“Even down to 10 men at Manchester United, and having lost the game to a diabolical penalty kick, we can’t accept that and we won’t accept that.”

Already in his first game into his new reign, he fills Liverpool fans with pride once more unlike Hodgson. Contrary to Newcastle's own ill-fated messiah appointment, Dalglish's second time in charge will not end in such farcical circumstances. He had two years in the club prior to this and would have built up much inside knowledge to help him.

All I want is to see a consistent Liverpool winning games once again. I know Blackpool hasn't got a chance this Wednesday because of the Dalglish factor. Now who wouldn't want to come to Liverpool with King Kenny at the helm. Transfer rumours are swirling around Sevilla's Alvaro Negredo and World Cup star Fabio Coentrao.

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