Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What West Ham Fans Don't Know About Benni McCarthy

The long awaited signing of South Africa record goal scorer, Benedict Saul McCarthy finally took place on the final day of transfer window deadline. A move that brought a thumbs-up from former Hammer, Tony Cottee who is thrilled at the prospect of a Cole-McCarthy partnership. Cottee said this, “Carlton Cole is a very good player and I would like to see somebody alongside him. A good old fashioned partnership.” 

Looking at his goalscoring record, Benni McCarthy typically plays well in his first season at any club. He finished as the Portuguese League topscorer with 20 goals in his first season at Porto, amassed 18 goals at Blackburn in his first season and now...we hope that his displays in West Ham colours will be so spectacular that it will rival Tevez' contribution in that Great Escape.

A fired-up and clearly motivated Benni McCarthy will look to use this West Ham move to cement his spot in the South Africa squad. A herculean display will help both West Ham and his own World Cup ambition for sure.

Here are noteworthy opinions that most West Ham fans may not have read or heard about Benni McCarthy:

There was a "Bring Back Benni" campaign for him to be recalled into the South Africa World Cup squad mid-2009. Didier Drogba and the President of South Africa have joined this cry. Clearly the most talented finisher that South Africa have got. Finally in November 2009, Benni was recalled by South Africa coach Carlos Albero Perreira. This is what he said prior to the recall,
"I am still the best at what I do, and that is scoring goals," McCarthy said. "I have the gift that, unlike other players, I need only one touch to score. I have an instinct in front of goal and I will show the country I am still the best at what I do."
McCarthy added that he was impressed by South Africa's recent performances despite their run of poor results."I have watched every match this year. All that was lacking was experience - somebody like me to stick the ball in the back of the net," he said.
"That is probably why I have been called back - to finish off the goals."

In 2007, at the peak of Benni's powers, Mark Hughes even suggested that Benni McCarthy was worth more than £30m! Renowned blog site, Soccerlens ran an article which compared McCarthy with Dimitar Berbatov and the comments on that posting were split! That's the quality and class that West Ham just signed.

A Blackburn Rovers journalist, Sasman on VitalFootball wrote this,
"Last season, Benni scored more goals then what he is given credit for. 10 goals in 18 appearances, with 10 of those once again being off the bench. Underused by Paul Ince, McCarthy found new light when Sam came in, and surely, his goals were the reason we stayed up.....Stats dont lie, each year, Benni has maintained a 1 in 2 goal ratio"

A supremely confident goal scorer, here is a video of him sharing his secrets on penalty taking. He is so confident that he's not worried about goalkeepers learning about his penalty taking style.

Now all Zola and Clarke will need to try and bring the best out of Benni McCarthy. Besides the Hammers play the sort of football that can make Benni McCarthy a success at Upton Park. Henceforth, we await the avalanche of goals from the Cole-McCarthy partnership....starting with Burnley this Saturday.

Come On You Irons!


John J said...

We've certainly waited long enough to get him at Upton Park and I can't wait to see him in action alongside Cole at Turf Moor on Saturday. Expectations are high though and while I hope for a flying start for all our new strikers, we must be realistic and patient. I'm sure now that we have enough fire power to survive and that Gold and Sullivan will improve the Club little by little from now on.

TheFlatBackFour said...

Yes, John, it has been a long wait. I just hope he is fit enough to start. The strikers on paper are very talented so it's a question of Zola finding the right combination.
Go Hammers!

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