Wednesday, September 9, 2009

West Ham United's Class of 1999: How Successful Can They Become?

In 1999, West Ham United won the InterToto Cup beating Metz 3-2 over a two-legged tie. It marked a significant chapter in the careers of some of the younger players and the manager of West Ham at that time. They had ensured UEFA Cup football.

Then manager, Harry Redknapp had moulded an entertaining and skillful passing team with a very English mentality. In that team were four young and hungry West Ham players who would eventually be very influential in the English game.

These four players were,
1. Frank Lampard
2. Rio Ferdinand
3. Joe Cole
4. Michael Carrick

All four are now established England internationals. Between the four of them, they have won all domestic and European honours. Their skills and talents have taken them to the very peak of their football careers. The Intertoto Cup did serve as European exposure for Frank, Rio, Joe and Michael. It became their springboard to further successes with their current clubs both in England and European competitions. Can Lampard, Ferdinand, Cole and Carrick make further history by winning the World Cup for the Three Lions next year? With Don Fabio at the helm, these four former West Ham favourites have an exceptional chance to make history and soothe 44 years of English misery.

The Academy have clearly been producing great players throughout the years. These four players surely rank as some of the best that the West Ham Academy have produced over the years.

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