Friday, September 17, 2010

Players' Thoughts Ahead Of The Manchester United Liverpool Derby

Arguably the most awaited fixture of every Premier League season, Liverpool against Manchester United is the most intense football rivalry in English football. The fact that neither are currently top of the Premiership will not be lost to either team. This match comes at an opportune time not only to stamp one's superiority over the other but also to kickstart a bit of form in the Premier League.

Joe Cole and Raul Meireles (after an impressive substitute display against Birmingham) could both be set for a first team start against Liverpool's hated rivals. Confidence should be coursing through Cole's veins after the opening goal against Steau Bucharest. And he should be champing at the bit at the prospect of Premiership action after a harsh three-match ban.

Nani and Fletcher have been brilliant this season and they are the standout performers so far. The Red Devils are leaking goals and Ferdinand-Vidic strangely have suffered at the hands of Liverpool in the last two seasons. Torres have the hex sign over Ferdinand and Vidic but it has been a different start for Torres this season. Michael Owen cannot and must not haunt his old club, otherwise Roy could lost his job!

Gary Neville grudgingly acknowledged Liverpool's rich heritage by stating,
"I suppose it comes from jealousy through my childhood but I have more respect for them as a club in a sense of their tradition and their history than I do for some other clubs who've been coming on the scene in the last few years, throwing a load of money at it. Liverpool have got a good history, you have to hand it to them, and they've been successful."

Darren Fletcher who has again shown terrific form in the first four matches of the new season succintly declared that BATTLE is the only word to describe a Liverpool-Manchester United derby,
"It is the biggest game because of the history and the success the two clubs have had. We have had a lot of battles over the years. Liverpool's history will not allow them to put nine men behind the ball. That is not their style"
Rio Ferdinand underlines how much it means to United when it comes to the only derby that matters,
"This kind of game is always good for galvanising spirit and belief. You would be beating one of your closest rivals, so to win this game would be great for team morale. Hopefully it will put us on the crest of a wave.''
Misfiring Fernando Torres summed up his appetite for derbies such as these when he said,
“Beating Manchester United 4-1 (2009) on their own ground is practically unheard of. We went 1-0 down as well which made the victory that much more impressive. I scored the equaliser, and that has to be one of my favourite days wearing the Liverpool shirt."
He has repeatedly got the better of Vidic and Ferdinand and this particular battle will be an eagerly awaited one this Sunday. After an indifferent display against Birmingham, surely he is fired up to do better against the Red Devils.

Raul Meireles described his playing style to Liverpool fans and his passion must match what he has reportedly said,
“I like the three positions in midfield and I feel comfortable. As a player I am a team worker, not a star or an individual player. My message (to the fans) is I will work a lot to win titles at this club. All the supporters want to win trophies and I want to help this team – and this team can help me.”
What better way to be an instant Kop hero than by scoring on Sunday!
Phil Thompson is confident of a valuable away win for Liverpool, knowing that United are also in a rut themselves,
"From what I have seen of United so far, they have not played well and I’m sure Alex Ferguson would say the same. There is no doubt United will be looking at this fixture as being the game that will kick-start their season but the same goes for the Reds and we can absolutely cause them problems again.We shouldn’t be worried, but Fergie clearly is. Why else do you think he made so many changes against Rangers?"
Roy Hodgson's interview comments was somewhat cagey but he did rest Gerrard and Torres in lieu of this big game. So though Hodgson's response are muted, his actions indicate that he intends to win on Sunday.
"It is a difficult encounter always but it is a game which has thrilled people throughout the years and let's hope it is no different at the weekend. Games of this magnitude coming so early in our time here are not exactly ideal but I'm hoping we will give it our best shot and see what the game brings."
Ever unassuming, Roy Hodgson has unwittingly stepped into the Liverpool's record books as the first manager to win five successive European matches.
Sir Alex Ferguson insisted that Liverpool-Manchester United is the most  fiercely contested Premier League rivalry,
"I sound like a parrot but this is the fixture. There is no question about that. It doesn't change. The form fluctuates quite a bit but we won the last game so hopefully that turns it back towards us again. I don't think Liverpool play with five at the back...maybe with six. But our approach will not change. We have to express ourselves the way we always do.

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