Friday, August 6, 2010

Animated Spoof - Thierry Henry At Heaven's Gate

France's record goal scorer, Thierry Henry recently added his high profile name onto the MLS soccer roster. This once again puts the MLS on the road towards global recognition. Henry joined the New York Red Bulls late last month on a designated player contract and will link up with fan favourite Juan Pablo Angel in a mouthwatering frontline.

Almost legendary for his footballing exploits, he sullied his reputation by two deliberate handball in a crucial World Cup playoff match against Republic of Ireland. To go to New York which has a substantial amount of Irish immigrants and descendants would literally be like walking into the lion's den. How the Irish community will take to this obviously talented footballer is anybody's guess.

Here's an animated spoof of Thierry Henry at Heaven's Gate confessing his "sin". It's great stuff.

Le Cheat, as he is known within the Irish community, will have to play out of his skin in every MLS match to gain back the respect and reputation that he has built over his playing career. He has the mentality to do so as he has proved in his first match for the Red Bulls against Spurs in the recent friendly.

So I'd say forget about the handball incident, any footballer would do the same in the situation that Henry was in. His desire and winning mentality should be applauded instead. That's what he will bring to the Red Bulls apart from his obvious magical skills on a football.

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